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Screen protector that is born to perform


ScreenPatronus's Screen Protector super clear protects the LCD screen of your handheld from everyday wearing. It is an important investment on your device, because a replacement screen could cost quite a bit of money. A small price to pay for protection that does not compromise functionality.


Features of the ScreenPatronus Screen Protector


  • Incomparable Clarity - 99% clear
  • Silicon Adhesive -Coating Glue-Free, leaves NO RESIDUE when you remove it from your LCD display.
  • Tailor Made to your Device
  • Anti-Scratch & Durable
  • Anti-UV
  • Washable and Reusable - The NO GLUE feature makes the ScreenPatronus washable. Wash them with water to remove strong dirt and re-apply to the LCD screen.
  • Smoothness - Bubble-free when it is applied. Its glossy finish highly simulates the texture of the original LCD screen.




clear screen protector


screen protector

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