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Screen protector that is born to perform


A consumer is exposed to many wonderful exciting web sites, and their solicitations. Often, not enough information about a company is made available to the shopper.

ScreenPatronus was founded in 2005 with the purpose of selling high quality screen protector to a growing electronic LCD market place.

Over time, ScreenPatronus has had the opportunity to work for leaders in the electronics field such as Sony, Philips, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Honda and others. Screen Patronus tries to keep the highest standards of quality for its products.

Today, we have added a new LCD product line into our many products. We hope to continue serving you into the next century with the same dedication as when we started.

We have since been dedicated to serving our dear customers through online, mail and phone orders. Our client base is well in the hundreds of thousands. These clients typically consist of end -users, exporters, and corporate buyers. The ScreenPatronus staff consists of trained specialists who are here to assist you with your needs. The company’s cornerstone is to offer our customers great prices, great service, and to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible.

The company has developed into a nationwide network of branches covering the U.S. with several strategic acquisitions. Operations covering Mexico and Canada were added later allowing for complete coverage throughout North America with our screen protector products.

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International expansion plans are continuing with a presence in Asia Pacific anticipated very soon. Operations in Europe will follow shortly thereafter. A global presence will allow ScreenPatronus to provide a seamless supply chain across all continents.

With a compounded annual growth rate of over 20%, it is easy to see how ScreenPatronus has become the largest Interconnect Specialty Store in North America. Today, the company continues to uphold the values it was founded on: focus on what you are the best at and always meet, or exceed, the customer's expectations.

We invite you to place your order and enjoy a great shopping experience

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