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Screen protector that is born to perform
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ScreenPatronus is the manufacturer of the sharpest and most durable screen protector film available for your mobile phone, vehicle navigation display, headrest monitor, PDA, PDA Phone, LCD monitor, tablet, laptop, MP3, GPS and touch screen register.

ScreenPatronus improves the durability and lifespan of LCDs. Utilizing special multi-layer polymer technology, it's super thin, anti reflection optical coatings to help reflections to minimize glare therefore increase clarity. ScreenPatronus has an anti fingerprints top layer that makes it easier to clean

Screen Protectors are the most important accessories you will ever purchase for your electronics, because a replacement screen could cost quite a bit of money. A small price to pay for protection that does not compromise functionality, once applied they shield your screen very fragile and expensive screen from abrasion.


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Against scratches and shields damage

Perfect fit to your specific LCD screen

Does not interfere with a touch display

Reusable and washable

Super thin, incomparable clarity 99% optically clear, anti-glare, anti-UV and fingerprint-free

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